Frequently Asked Questions about Used Phones


Why Choose UpTrade?

UpTrade was in the business of selling phones. We understand what is required to have the best possible experience for our customers. We hand select our sellers and hold them to the highest integrity for our customers. We will provide you the do’s and don’t when buying used. We are committed to saving you money and avoiding the hassle of purchasing from dishonest sellers.

What does “Certified Used Phone” mean?

Typically, a “Certified Used Phone” means that the seller has gone through significant testing measures to ensure that the device is fully functional and ready to be used.

Difference between Used and Certified Used

Most, if not all of our sellers sell Certified Used devices. All phones have gone through multiple inspection points to ensure you get the best device possible. A typical used phone just indicates that it has been used and is not new out of the box when you receive it.

Difference between Refurbished and Certified Used

By definition, a "Refurbished" phone means that it has been repaired or reconditioned by the seller, while Certified Used is not repaired. However, there is no clear line between these two. Each merchant has its own definition. Therefore, they are basically the same. Both have been thoroughly tested by the seller to guarantee functionality. They can both offer great value.

Buying Used Phones / Devices

Am I buying from UpTrade?

UpTrade is not directly selling you the device, rather we are partnered with sellers that are held to the highest of standards. We provide the simplicity of finding the best deal in one place.

How do I know which phone to choose?

There are so many factors that go into choosing the right device. The most important considerations to weigh out are:
1. The model you want.
2. The condition of the device.
3. The price.
4. The “extras” that are offered such as warranty, insurance, and accessories.

Are Certified Used/Refurbished phones worth it?

Absolutely! Mobile devices diminish in price year over year (Sometimes day to day!) as new models are constantly being released. We are in a time where these changes are subtle with every new device release, and you can do almost anything that a new phone can do with the older model, potentially saving hundreds of dollars in the process.

Warranty and Support

Does UpTrade provide warranty and support?

As the phones are not sold by us directly, we are not able to provide warranty support. You may contact the merchant (e.g. Amazon, Gazelle etc.) for the warranty information. We will work with you to hold the seller accountable based on each of their terms and conditions if problems arise.

Is UpTrade Protection still available for purchase?

Our UpTrade Protection has been discontinued and is no longer available.
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© 2022 UpTrade Networks Inc. All Rights Reserved